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We want to wish all our friends and associates a very happy New Year and hope 2017 is a great year for you. Over the next month we will be introducing a number of new lasers and will post them here as soon as they are available.

Health and Beauty, Inc and its Partners specialize in laser therapy ( LLLT ) and related medical devices. We import the Omega Laser Systems from the top European manufacturer. Omega was selected by us because of their high quality product development and support, ongoing research and the advanced technology utilized in their lasers. Our Omega Laser Systems are FDA cleared for pain of shoulder tendonitis.

Our extensive line of therapy lasers were developed to treat varied conditions and we will be happy to work with you to select the laser that best suits your needs. Our ASC Acne Lamp is FDA cleared for treating Acne and our LED cluster is FDA Cleared for numerous pain conditions. We are currently underway with clinical trials under Institutional Review Board oversight for a number of additional conditions such as smoking cessation, Provoked Vestibulodynia, lipo laser inch loss, pain and other conditions. Please call us to discuss your participation in these Investigational Institutional Review Board Studies.

Health and Beauty, Inc. is at the forefront of home laser therapy market with our technologically advanced personal, at-home lasers LED devices. Our phototherapy LED device has achieved FDA clearance for pain treatment at home. Our Acne Care Lamp is FDA cleared for professional Acne Treatment.

We consult with many of the fortune 500 companies in developing laser therapy and light activated devices for clinical study and for future inclusion in their product offerings.

Outside of the United States, the most exciting development in our laser therapy program is the incorporation of our laser therapy systems into corporate stop smoking programs such as at Holland America Cruise Lines. We are delighted that Holland America Cruise Lines chose us and has equipped all their ships with our laser therapy systems and smoking cessation programs to treat their employees worldwide. Though only available under IRB study in the U.S., the treatment is utilized for thousands of employees while cruising international waters. Governments such as Qatar know that smoking cessation with laser works. Less downtime, more productivity, lower insurance costs and higher employee morale. Call us to become a part of this investigational program.

Please click through our site and view our laser therapy equipment and programs. Remember, all of our professional lasers include on-site training in their safe and effective use.

You can visit our International website www.lasertherapeutics.us for more information outside the United States.


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Health and Beauty is  proud to have doctors and clinics world-wide participate in our clinical studies of laser therapy. We currently are enrolling principal investigators for our studies on smoking cessation, pain treatment, lipolaser inch loss and treatment of provoked vestibulodynia with laser. We have the required IRB studies in place and supply the laser and necessary equipment, training and protocols. Contact us for more   information on how to be a part of these ground-breaking clinical research studies.

omega Laser Therapy XP Clinic

The Omega XP is FDA Cleared for certain pain conditions

ASC Acvne Treatment LED

Our ASC Acne LED is FDA Cleared 

   Our At-home FDA Cleared Pain Device


 We support the MediCom series of lasers