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Our Investigational Laser, the Evolution Lipo Laser

Our Investigational Laser, the Red and IR Evolution

Our Investigational Laser, the Evolution Combi

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Health and Beauty, Inc, the Low Level Laser Specialists

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Health and Beauty, Inc is proud of its state of the art EVOLUTION series of low level lasers

currently under clinical investigation for Non-Invasive Inch loss Lipolaser, Smoking Cessation and Pain. Please call us to find out more.




3B Laser, Touch Screen operation

Laser Medium


Large Pads

10 large pads with 10 660nm 160mW diodes AND 7 980nm 100mW laser diode in each pad. They can be used together or separately.

Small Pads

3 large pads with 2 660nm 160mW diodes AND 1 980nm 100mW laser diode in each pad. They can be used together or separately.

Pulsing Frequencies

Continuous Wave, 20Hz, 146Hz

Cluster Probe

6 ea 830nm 200mW laser diodes and 4 ea 660nm 160mW laser diodes

Single Probe

1 830nm 200mW laser Diode

The Evolution Combi is our latest Class 3B low level laser and is based on our long term experience with therapy lasers combining the best features of all our lasers. You can easily and conveniently perform non-invasive lipolaser fat reduction, beauty applications, wrinkle reduction, hair growth, smoking cessation, acupuncture, pain relief, wound care and more. Each system is designed for maximum effectiveness and long life. The Combi incorporates large and small treatment pads with high powered 650nm 160mW laser diodes and 100mW 980nm lasers for total treatment versatility. Our single IR probe features a 200mw 830nm laser diode making precise treatment of single points easy and convenient. Our 10 diode cluster probe features 6 830nm 200mW lasers and 4 650nm 160mW lasers, ideal for pain treatment as well as musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis as well as a number of beauty applications. All lasers in the series operate at continuous wave and two pulsed frequencies, 20 Hz and 146Hz. Each laser pad or probe can be adjusted individually from 0 power to full power and the Combi pads can be operated in the 660nm RED mode, INFRARED 980nm mode,or both simultaneously. The Combi lasers feature a responsive touch screen and a separate menu for the cluster and single probe operation. Treatment time is adjustable on each setup screen. Independent IRB's are in place for Pain, LipoLaser and Smoking Cessation with more to follow. An IRB participation fee is separate and paid directly to the IRB for the study or studies you wish to join. Participation in one or more study is mandatory in the U.S.




You can visit our International website www.lasertherapeutics.us for more information outside the United States.


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