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Health and Beauty Lasers Inc. is an exciting International Company specializing only in laser therapy and related LLLT devices for both professional and home use. In combination with our partners have specialized in LLLT for over 20 years and have the best support and customer service in the industry.

The Omega FDA Cleared Laser Therapy Systems

We have achieved FDA clearance on our Omega Laser System, MediCom Laser System, ASC Acne Light and Relieve-IR Phototherapy Pain Device and are currently conducting IRB clinical trials on additional laser therapy devices and conditions. We have Health Canada approval on most of our devices as well as CE approvals. Our Personal Lasers are sold in Canada and available direct or through some of Canada's finast spas and health centers. A review of the literature shows that Low level laser therapy is effective for many conditions and we constantly conduct clinical investigations seeking additional approvals of our laser therapy systems.  A low level laser therapy procedure does not cut or burn into the skin or affected areas but instead stimulates the cells and tissue and promotes healing by penetrating deep into the body initializing the process of photo biostimulation. The patient feels no pain related to the laser treatment. The light energy from the low level laser is absorbed in cell mitochondria and cell membranes. A small amount of Singlet Oxygen is produced as a result of the absorption. This is combined with a number of other biomenical factors to produce the results demonstrated in clinical study cases.

Health and Beauty is proud to have some of the top researchers as consultants. They provide valuable information and procedures to assist us in our continued clinical evaluation and research.

Prof. Doctor Leonardo Longo, M.D.

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Our FDA Cleared Omega Laser System

Our FDA Cleared      MediCom Laser


Our FDA Cleared ASC Acne Lamp

Our FDA Cleared Relieve-IR Pain LED




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